The Range of Bench-top Profiles

Find the best look for your home. When it comes to choosing new bench-tops laminate is often a first choice because it comes in many designer colours, patterns and styles. Laminate bench-tops are usually priced by the linear metre, starting with the smaller 300mm wide kitchen bench-top up to 1200mm wide.


Enjoy the look of a Laminex bench-top profile

Bench-top profiles add the final touch to your new or replacement kitchen tops in the most cost-effective way. When choosing the style of your bench-top- the front edge profile treatment can make a difference to the finished look of your kitchen. The bench-top profiles are square form, tight form bull nose and ½ wrap. Also available are square edge and ABS edging. ( acrylic ) There are two main types of finishes listed below.

Laminex diamond gloss or matt (no shine)

Laminex: We supply high quality laminate for bathrooms vanities and laundries. Our customers choose from hundreds of contemporary laminate decors. See profiles below.

  • Diamond gloss: For the perfect finish, nothing shines brighter. Superior to traditional gloss laminates, marble gloss looks appealing and boosts scuff resistance. Available in 48 brilliant colors.
  • Half wrap (16mm) Bull nose (16mm) Square Form (10mm) Available in all colors.
  • Square Form (6 mm tight form): Square form bench top edges are extremely durable, affordable and look elegant in the kitchen due to their clean stylish stone appearance. Available in 27 natural stone finishes.

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